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$40oz blue mango *SPECIAL*
Blue Mango is an indica-dominant hybrid. Both colourful, flavourful & provides a calm, euphoric ..
Alien OG
Alien OG has a berry and pine OG smell and flavor, and its intense high combines heavy body eff..
Animal Cookies
This hybrid marijuana strain grows beautiful dense, frosty green buds tipped with pur..
Banana OG
With a smell and flavor of overripe bananas, this indica dominant hybrid definitely earns its n..
Black Diamond
Black Diamond is a popular indica marijuana strain from Northern California. It ..
Blue Dream  $50oz *SPECIAL*
THC: 18% Outdoor, berry, earthy. ..
Blueberry kush $100oz  *SPECIAL*
THC: 18%-20%gassy, creamy, earthy. ..
Bonnie and Clyde Gummies
Bonnie and Clyde GummiesVariety of Flavours: -Blue Raspberry-Grape-Lime-Mystery-Orange -Ch..
Bordello is an sativa dominant hybrid strain, with a scent of an exquisite blend of pine, musky eart..
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner weed is both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing - a wonderful combination for..
Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush is an Indica strain that has sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate an..
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