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Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cannabis Infused Cookie *contains 150mg THC**DELAYED ONSET MAY OCCUR**DO NOT OPERATE MOTOR VEH..
Chocolate Chunk Brownies
Soft and chewy Cannabis Infused Brownies 150MG FOR $10.00OR300MG FOR $20.00*DELAYED ONSET MAY ..
Death Bubba
Death Bubba, also known as "D Bubba," is a pungent indica strain that produces semi-sedating effects..
Death Star
Death Star is a popular indica strain that offers skunky sweet jet fuel aromas that are pungent and ..
Distillate is desirable due to its potency and versatility. It can be used to dab, vaporize, an..
Doritos and spicy cheetos *NEW*
If you love Doritos, you’ll love Doweedos with a medicated kick of THC in every chip.THC:600mg ..
Gods Green Crack
This strain is beloved my many consumers for it's energizing effects, few strains compare to Green C..
Hindu Kush
 Pure Kush is a pure indica marijuana strain named after the mountain range stretchin..
Honey Oil
Made with CO2 $20 A GRAM$50 A 5ER..
Ice Wreck
Ice Wreck is a sativa marijuana strain produces uplifting and happy effects that will put you into a..
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